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CANCELLED: Welcome to the Neuromodulation Summit

CANCELLED: 2024 has just started and Cognito Therapeutics has reached a clinical milestone with their neuromod device, Medtronic’s closed loop SCS has successfully reduced overstimulation and SPR Therapeutics’ SPRINT PNS demonstrated efficacy!

As leading device developers optimize their strategies and start-ups continue to grow, this explosive field is witnessing greater recognition and the potential to redefine the possibilities of bioelectric medicine to be used as a routine therapy is here.

Coming to you in Boston, the Neuromodulation Summit is the only industry forum dedicated to uniting likeminded experts to:

  • Cultivate this rapidly growing field by overcoming the competition and leveraging different perspectives into advancing DBS, VNS, BCI, SCS and more
  • Convince key stakeholders of its monumental potential by understanding physicians, patients, venture capitals and insurance companies’ requirements
  • Create an intimate environment to confidently share successes and setbacks to unite towards a shared goal of advancing the bioelectric medicine field forward

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be at the forefront of a transformative industry with 80+ neurostimulation experts from LivaNova, FDA, Boomerang Medical, Axonics, NeuSpera, Sinaptica Therapeutics, Saluda Medical, SPR Therapeutics and many more to discover novel strategies in obtaining funding, shortening clinical trials, approaching regulatory bodies, and overcoming reimbursement barriers.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Benefits of Attending:

Grasp insights into the intricacies of securing funding for start-ups and discover
the pathways to financial support with Axonics, Alruna Advisors and Synpatix to
move the needle forward for this ground breaking field

Explore the strategies used to overcome patient and physician resistance with NeuSpera and Boomerang Medical to increase technology adoption in hospitals, outpatients, and clinics

Delve into the world of closed-loop feedback systems, biopotential sensing and neural signals with Micro-Leads and Sinaptica Therapeutics to unlock their potential and discuss the regulatory and reimbursement aspects of these future devices

Advance towards global regulatory harmonization with ClearPoint Neuro by deliberating EU and US regulations to streamline the submission process and route towards more approvals

Determine the role of RWE, ways to cut costs, and identifying optimal dosing with LivaNova and Medtronic to optimize clinical trials and increase likelihood of approvals

What Attendees at Similar Events Had to Say:

"Intimate and engaged audience with a great quality of presentations"


"The presenters all had great experiences and information to share. The attendees were a good mix development, regulatory and quality, which made for great conversations between sessions"


"The quality of presentations, domain knowledge of the speakers and participants, excellent networking opportunities"

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