Pre-Conference Workshop Day


9:00 am Registration & Morning Coffee

Workshop A

A Review of the Successes & Setbacks Within the Last 10 Years of Developed Devices to Move Towards Approvals & Commercialization


The field of neuromodulation is without a doubt at an inflection point following the recent investments and approvals! It is not only important to celebrate the wins, but also openly discuss and learn from failures, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and continuous improvement. Join this session to reflect on the last decade and delve into:

  • The breakthrough research and technologies that achieved approvals
  • The reasons why certain devices didn’t exit
  • The latest clinical outcomes for VNS and SCS devices

12:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Workshop B

Understanding the Venture Community & Funding for Neurostimulation Start-Ups


Reimbursement, regulations, and ventures all dovetail together and are crucial for the development and adoption of novel neuromodulation devices. In this discussion, we will unravel the intricacies of securing funding for innovative start-ups and shed a light on the pathways to financial support to drive the growth of this groundbreaking field.

Attend this session for answers on the following:

  • Where does the venture community sit today?
  • Do venture communities only invest in areas with strong reimbursement pathways?
  • Delving into varying regulatory pathways and clinical challenges on a global scale
  • How to overcome regulatory and clinical challenges to receive funding? 

3:00 pm Afternoon Break

Workshop C

Delving into the Novel & Promising World of Closed-Loop Responsive Feedback Systems


Whether invasive or non-invasive, DBS or SNS, cardiology or autoimmunity, there is a plethora of opportunity to be explored and strategies to establish in order to advance this field forward. Gain insights into this transformative potential of these cutting-edge advancements.

Hear from and join experts in discussing:

  • AI-driven models for personalized neurostimulation using cloudbased medical mesosystems and ecosystems
  • Biopotential sensing and neural signals – what’s next for the field of neuromodulation devices
  • Discussing minimally invasive closed-loop including injectable devices